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  • Do you have an idea that will make your business run a bit better?

  • Do you need someone technical to hear your suggestion?

  • Moving to the cloud?

  • Are you planning to change systems and want some advice?

  • Would a mobile application help your industry?

  • Does your technical team need some training in a new technology?

  • Do you want to create a new online business?

Use anacubist to give you a boost. We can help with many different I.T. requirements. If we cannot, we may know someone who can.

Development Services.

With decades of experience with many different industry sectors, anacubist can help you develop great software for your industry.


Applications have included work for law enforcement, military, lawyers, accountants, museums, libraries, banks and retail (online and bricks and mortar)

We are sure we can help in your sector.


Platforms have included Windows, iPhone, Android and various server environments.

Desktop, self hosted or cloud servers. Several different database types.

Web Sites

Develop simple web front ends to get your staff or customers using your data.

In the front end we will use Javascript and supported libraries, to give modern looking controls and layouts. At the backend we prefer to use C#.


Do you know Swagger from RAML, REST from GraphQL? We do.

We can help you design, implement and deploy your APIs. We have worked on the TradeMe and Xero APIs. Experience of consuming many different APIs.

Training and Mentoring.

anacubist members have trained and mentored at several different companies within Wellington.

From lunch time chats, developer days or hackathons.


Use the last 25 years experience to avoid pitfalls and benefit from success.


Embed anacubist with your development team.

Maybe a developer needs guidance with a new methodology. Do you have a new starter who needs help getting up to speed, but all your other developers are snowed under.


Whether it is figuring out where to begin with code testing or you just want more automation, we can help.

Unit, integration and regression testing. We have experience with several different testing platforms.


Open Source foundations

Products will be based on Open Source components. That does not mean your code will be open source. Tools and libraries will be used that allow your unique product features to be built, rather than spending time on things others have already built.

  • C# and .Net Core

  • React and ReactNative

  • Xamarin (iPhone, Android and more)

This is site uses only open source products. Check the attribution page for information.

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Give us some details of the things we can help you with and we'll and organise a chat.

About anacubist.

anacubist was created to help small businesses get their ideas going. After spending 25 years working for others, Richard decided to work with others and mostly from home.

There is a good chance you have used software or services he worked on and did not know it.


Wanting to work with companies in their early stages and generally help out, Richard decided to launch anacubist.

Working from home has become more normal for many companies over the past year.


anacubist aims to help out while in the 'start up' stage of businesses wishing to move onto the internet or mobile devices.

If things work out and you have a success on your hands, anacubist will help you employ and establish your own team for future development. If you already have a development team, anacubist can give training to up skill them.